About ASE

Our Vision:

ASE will strive to become an “essential” partner to select clients. This will be achieved by augmenting their maintenance department while improving budget bottom lines through best industry practices, pro-active recommendations and the complete assurance that all job commitments will be met. Financially sound organizations, whose own competitive business model includes a strategic importance for the upkeep and appearance of their facilities, will be a primary target-client. Contractual services will be delivered at a superior level of workmanship combined with realistic economy. This dynamic will further be bolstered by ASE employing well-trained, background approved, and safety educated technicians, all managed by exceptional supervisory professionals. Senior management will expect, and fairly compensate these valued employees to consciously practice the 29 Fundamentals which make up our extraordinary culture known as “The ASE Way” while meeting daily operating and profit goals in a spirit of collaborative teamwork.

"And what we've Built thus far is just the Beginning of what we can Become..."

What Sets Our Facility Maintenance Company Apart!

With 40 plus years of company operating experience and 350 years of senior management experience, we’ve won the trust of numerous commercial and institutional clients; among them are Fortune 500 corporations, construction and development companies, hospitals, schools, cemetery associations, manufacturers, and retail shopping centers. Currently, we serve hundreds of locations in four states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

We put four key resources to work for you:

Know Where You Stand, By Knowing Who We Are

American Seaboard Exteriors began operations in 1977 as a commercial/residential window cleaning company. Back then we were known simply as Seaboard Window Cleaning. For many years we built our reputation by not only exceeding customer expectations, but by continually adding complementary offerings to our existing menu of services. These included expansion joint/window caulking, pressure washing, masonry repair to name a few – but always with the ultimate goal of pleasing our clients by improving the integrity/appearance of their buildings.
It was inevitable that our clients, having developed a high level of trust for ASE, would invite us “inside” to bid on interior maintenance projects as well. We rose to the occasion by hiring and training the “right” people to perform such services as construction fit-outs, painting, handyman projects, white board resurfacing and hard-to-access specialty cleaning. The results over the past 40 plus years speak for themselves – hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. So please don’t be fooled by our name American Seaboard Exteriors, our capabilities in facility maintenance are unlimited and unrestricted. We go up, down, inside and out!!!

Image of Excellence

ASE believes that if you are an organization which relies on your facility’s appearance to convey your unique values to your clients, you should have a proactive partner for maintaining this valuable asset.  ASE has developed a unique program to meet the exceptional standards required to maintain your “Image of Excellence.”

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