For many of our clients, there is no greater investment than their facilities; and the facility is a major component of their own business model for the showcasing of their product or service.

American Seaboard Exteriors has responded, in the role as an “essential partner”, with a preventive program to help protect this vital asset and reduce the risk of failure.

A key component of our Image of Excellence program for Hero clients is:


FacadeCheckis an asset management program designed to identify potential destructive and ultimately, costly deteriorations on and within the façade or
surrounding footprint of the facility.

Exterior facades normally breakdown in three stages:

Stage 1

Facade materials such as window and expansion joint sealants begin to show signs of failure by cracking, discoloring or adhesion failure. Façade panel material, such as Dryvit, stucco or concrete begins to show stress cracks and/or unsightly discoloration which leads to freeze/thaw spawning.

Stage 2

The owner or facilities mgr. doesn’t notice the problem and over time the conditions worsen.

Stage 3

An eventual breakdown takes place that becomes very evident to the facilities mgr…major leaks and severe water intrusion occur at the most inopportune times and costly repairs or major remediations must be performed, resulting in unplanned expenditures. In an effort to protect our clients from the disruption of a Stage 3 event, we have developed FacadeCheck to help catch problems early on, in Stage 1. This will not only help avoid the disruptions and delays but also minimize and prioritize repair costs that might be required.

FacadeCheck Program

*ASE will perform an annual or semi-annual inspection of all facades and surrounding footprint of any freestanding facility. Multi building sites will be
bundled under special packages and pricing will be volume discounted. 

*Client will receive a detailed report identifying potential problems that may need attention in the near future or further out in time. Photos will be provided where warranted. Recommendations will be made with realistic economic projections.

*12 Hour response time to problems or service calls.

*Discounted rate of 10-20% on all repairs or major remediations


Minimum Annual Fee (based on size of the facility)…$2500

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