As a Property Management Company, What Are Your Building Maintenance Challenges?

Do you have a reliable and ready source to remedy the challenges to your property as they come up?

When maintenance issues emerge, it is understandable that you want to get the problem fixed as economically as possible. Some major repair projects may demand that a formal bid process be used. However, most repair or maintenance projects can best be handled by finding a trusted contractor you can turn to time and again.

Are you Hiring New Contractors Every Time?

Shopping each round of repairs or maintenance tasks with new or different contractors may save you a dollar or two. However, that practice generally results in delayed time in getting the project started, as well as increasing the risk of the project being completed efficiently and vastly reducing the odds for the overall desired quality result.

Want to Keep Your Tenants Happy?

In addition, you potentially run the risk of spending additional time in fielding and responding to tenant complaints due to the delay in the service because of the bid process. Work quality, safety practices and appropriate insurance coverage are also factors to be monitored each time.

Find a Building Maintenance Contractor That Does it All!

Instead, look for a trusted and responsive contractor, such as American Seaboard Exteriors. A Building Maintenance Contractor you can call on time and time again. You’ll be more efficient, faster and achieve higher quality results at a competitive price; while most importantly, keeping your tenants happier during the repair process.

Just a Few of the Property Maintenance Services We Provide:

  • interior / exterior building maintenance
  • interior painting and coatings
  • commercial ceiling and pipe cleaning
  • trade staffing
  • building maintenance surveys
  • construction site cleanup
  • masonry restoration
  • caulking and sealants
  • commercial light fixture maintenance
  • caulking and sealants
  • commercial light fixture maintenance
  • commercial window cleaning
  • office fit-outs
  • interior / exterior painting
  • carpentry and handyman services
  • weatherproofing and coatings
  • commercial pressure washing
  • duct cleaning

Name the Top 5 Building Maintenance Challenges/Problems you Face on a Regular Basis in the Message Area of the Form Below. One of our team leaders will get in touch with how we can partner with you to solve all your building maintenance needs.

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