Top Ten Reasons You Should Maintain Caulking and Sealants on Your Properties

A seasoned property manager or property owner knows the importance of hiring a professional commercial caulking contractor to survey a building and make sure that there are no cracks or crevices that could allow for unwanted pest infestation or water infiltration. Keeping the elements out of a building will save you money in the long run. That is why American Seaboard Exterior strongly recommends to all property owners an annual inspection to help prevent avoidable damage to your investment.

There comes a time when a building might suffer water leaks thus threatening its entire structural stability. Living in such a building could be a huge risk, especially if children are involved. People have lost their lives and other assets such as home appliances by living in buildings that experience an excessive amount of leaks, thus the importance of applying caulks and sealants.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Maintain Caulking and Sealants on Your Properties:

1. Seal all Gaps on Surfaces

Interestingly, the best solution to such a problem involves investing in caulking materials and sealants. With such materials, you are able to seal all the gaps existing between two or more surfaces. The goal of using the sealants or caulking materials is to ensure that the building is not only watertight, but also airtight.

2. Easy to Remove Water or Paint

The market is now full of different types of caulks. You could opt for the water-based caulk, which now has similar performance capabilities to what is available with silicone caulks. For their part, silicone caulks are great because of the water cleanup and paint ability aspects that they bring on the surface.

3.Money Saver

Although it might be a tad difficult to choose the best caulk or sealant because of the many options that are in the market today, spending some time to learn how to do it could save you a lot of money in the long-run. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in saying that investing in caulking and sealants helps saves money.

4. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has become a major attribute on any feature in a building. Wasting energy only leads to increased utility bills. Caulking and sealants reduces the energy bills by sealing all gaps through which heat gets out of the home or cold enters the house. Caulking and sealants keep water from entering the house too.

5. Usable on Wide-Ranging Surfaces

The beauty of caulking and sealants is that they are usable on a multitude of surfaces. Therefore, you will find the best caulk or sealant for the kind of surface that is in your house by visiting the local hardware store. Three of the most common types of caulks include silicon, butyl rubber and acrylic latex.

6. Fighting Mildew

Some excellent types of caulks, such as bath/kitchen caulk, are great at fighting mildew from infesting a home and causing untold problems. Getting rid of mildew could be one of the costliest expenses the homeowner or tenant ever has to pay. Fortunately, by using the appropriate caulks and sealants, mildews would be history.

7. Comfort

Caulking and sealants are excellent at making homes as comfortable as possible. By ensuring that the surfaces have no space or gap through which air and water can find their way into the building, everybody would enjoy staying inside such property. A property full of gaps that air and water use to enter and cause havoc is difficult to stay in or enjoy some comfort.

8. Improves Value of Homes

An investment in caulking and sealants is the surest way of ensuring that a home’s value improves substantially. This is because water would not get inside the home to cause damages to its structural stability. The number of repairs and maintenance services would also reduce significantly, thus making it easier for a building to attract good buyers and an excellent price.

9. Non-Toxic

Most manufacturers focus on the creation of non-toxic caulks and sealants. Therefore, you never have to worry about the possibility of a child or pet swallowing the caulk or sealant and developing health complications. However, it would be much better to use and store the caulks and sealants appropriately instead of leaving it anywhere.

10. Preventing Insect Invasion

Gaps on surfaces, especially on walls and floorings, can create the loopholes through which insects are able to invade a home and cause great discomfort. However, through caulks and sealants, the gaps would be non-existent thus making it impossible for the insects to invade the home and cause mayhem.

Therefore, if your home or building (whether commercial or residential) has plenty of gaps on its surfaces, do not waste time but invest in caulking and sealants today. For the best results, and to enjoy the aforementioned benefits, assign this task to a professional commercial caulking contractor with the training and tools required to apply caulks and sealants.

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